Fresh Water Delivery

fresh water delivery

Taryna Corporation offers fresh water delivery in the Caribbean area. Our vessel 7 Seas operates near the islands of Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire. Our work vessel has the capacity to deliver up to 300 m3 of freshwater per call. The storage tanks that carry the fresh water are kept on deck securely.

Logistics and requirements to keep the water safe

When managed in a poor way, fresh water is an easy route for infectious disease transmission on board. Due to the cleanliness of our ship, this will not happen with your water tanks. They are in no way at risk of being contaminated. Please note, to provide an efficient transfer of the tanks, the destination ship has to have a clear deck space for the placement of the water tanks.

Moreover, we operate on a simple demand basis. This means we provide scheduled deliveries of fresh water but are flexible enough to receive more pressing requests as well. In addition, our crew and vessel operate 24/7 to deliver at the shortest times possible. It goes without saying that we keep you informed and updated of our progress.

We will go wherever you need us

We operate by means of Off Port Limit (OPL) method and because of that we can deliver in a wide area of the Caribbean. This includes but is not limited to the Lesser Antilles, the Leeward Antilles and the Netherlands Antilles.

Other areas in which we operate are the Coast of Venezuela, the Gulf of Venezuela, the Bonaire Basin and the Caribbean Sea. With the OPL delivery service, transition times are shorter and there is no need to dock anywhere. Thus, both flexibility and efficiency are guaranteed.

Most importantly: we guarantee your water’s safety

With regards to drinking water tanks, we place these in such a way that they are easily accessible for any possible inspection. Furthermore, we strictly follow all sanitary safety measures to provide your crew with high-quality water and keep them safe and healthy.

In case you need to fulfill specific drinking water regulations, do not hesitate to contact us. We are flexible in our services and can put extra measures in place. Thus, your drinking water delivery is supplied with no risk of contamination.

Not a single crew member will have to worry about using our fresh water. It is completely potable and can be used for any and all onboard uses and is suitable to be used both hot and cold. These include preparations of meals and drinks, all hygienic purposes, dishwashing, laundry and even all emergency medical use.

We do strongly advise you to adhere to a strict water safety plan onboard to maintain the water’s quality and prevent waterborne disease outbreaks. Even though we guarantee the safety of our water, you can never take too much good care of your crew.

Get your fresh water delivered now

Contact us for your fresh water delivery or get a quote from the top of this page. Do you require a different kind of service? No problem at all. We also provide slops removals, sludge removals and aship waste collection.

Additionally, we execute crew changes and deliver marine lubricants and ship spare parts. With regards to all of this, we keep to a strict waste management plan. Next to that, we have also helped several clients with other, unique requests. So do not hesitate to ask us for anything you need.

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