Garbage Collection

garbage collection

Our vessel 7 Seas is well-suited for ship-generated garbage collection in the Caribbean. With our service of OPL (Off Port Limit) pick-up and drop-off, transition times are considerably shorter. During collection, we take your waste management plan into account. In addition, 7 Seas adheres to a strict schedule. That way, we ensure we meet previously agreed pick-up and drop-off times. Furthermore, we keep you up-to-date on the schedule at all times.

Ship-generated garbage collection in Aruba, Bonaire and/or Curaçao

In and around Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao, we collect all your waste. More specifically, pick-up can be arranged up to 20 miles Off Port Limit (OPL) of Curacao. See the list below for all the areas in which 7 Seas is active.

  • Coast of Venezuela
  • Gulf of Venezuela
  • Netherlands Antilles
  • Lesser Antilles
  • Leeward Antilles
  • Bonaire Basin
  • Caribbean Sea

Our vessel has a clear deck space of 295 m2. It carries up to 650 m3 marine waste per call. All waste should be properly segregated on board prior to collection. When this is done properly, the transition of your waste onto the 7 Seas takes just a few hours. Our crew follows regulations that are in your waste management plan. This way, we ensure the drop-off at a port reception facility goes correctly. Naturally, we notify the reception facility of the types and amount of waste before drop-off as a part of our service.

Waste types we collect

7 Seas can carry several types of cargo amongst which garbage. Garbage collection includes different sorts of ship-generated waste. These are, for example, plastics, food, cooking oil and domestic waste. All vessels are legally obliged to keep an on-board waste management plan. During pick-up, the transportation of your waste and drop-off we will adhere to your waste management plan. This way, we comply with any and all garbage disposal regulations as defined in the MARPOL Annex V regulations. These apply to the Wider Caribbean Region Special Area. Morovere, please note that we also pick-up multiple other types of waste. For example, we perform not only a ship waste collection but also a sludge removal and a slops removal. We also deliver several types of materials and carry out crew changes. We are available for any of these sorts of collection and several other services as well.

Advantages of Taryna’s OPL pick-up and drop-off

The OPL waste collection comes with several advantages. This makes for a quick way of on-board garbage disposal. Next to that, due to the limited time needed, it is also a fast and cost-effective way to remove waste from your vessel. We strive to completely optimize the time schedule. Therefore, we stick to your planning and inform you of our progress. Our crew and vessel are available 24/7. Flexibility is a core value of us.

Get rid of your waste

Ask us for a free quote to pick-up your waste for you (or execute your sludge removals or slops removals) in a quick and efficient way.

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