Slops Collection

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The work vessel 7 Seas can collect, transport and dispose of any slop. We are able to collect up to 650 m3 per call. This service of slops collection can be provided up to 20 miles Off Port Limit (OPL) Curacao. The collected slops will be discharged at jetty 10 of the Isla Refinery located in Curacao for further processing.

Flexible and efficient collection

Taryna is the leading company in the Caribbean area concerning collection and disposal of slops. We are at your service, specifically in and around Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire. Rest assured that when we collect your slops, the contaminated oil and water gets disposed of by professionals. Our services are on call 24 hours a day resulting in an incredible flexibility. This extends to being able to operate on a simple demand basis and being able to respond to time pressured requests as well. In conclusion, we can respond quickly and efficiently to all slops collection and other requests. Check out our other services to see if we can be of help at other times as well. Note: we have carried out multiple special requests as well. Do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can help you.

Location and regulations

We can perform a slops collection 3 nautical miles south from the port of Willemstad or 2 nautical miles south of the port of Barcadera. Other OPL rendez-vous positions might be possible as well. For instance, in the Lesser Antilles, Netherlands Antilles or the Leeward Antilles. Other locations include: the Coast of Venezuela, the Carribean Sea, the Bonaire Basin and the Gulf of Venezuela. Contact us so we can arrange this together. Your slop will be collected, transported and disposed of in a correct manner accompanied with all required documents. We are in possession of the proper licences for slops collection – and other collections and OPL-related services as well. Additionally, we strictly adhere to all guidelines as formulated in the MARPOL regulations. By doing so, we help keep the wider Caribbean Region an environmentally healthy area.

Scheduling and documentation

We inform both you and the Isla Refinery of the times of arrival. At their waste treatment plant, the Isla Refinery takes care to refine and process all materials and substances in a competitive, efficient, safe and environmentally responsible manner. Like us, they are aware of the importance of your schedule and thus always deliver required products well in time. All steps in this process, from the request of slops collection to the actual drop-off, will be documented and arranged with your approval. In addition, you receive updates of the progress whenever desired. Before we collect the slops, please make sure to have on record the quantities, types and origin of slops. Waste management is an integral part of our service. This way, we ensure the entire collection will run as smoothly as possible.

Let us help you get rid of your slops

Get a free quote or contact us today and we will take care of your slops collection. Also feel free to check our other services. Amongst others we carry out:

  • sludge removal
  • ship spare parts delivery
  • crew change
  • waste oil collection
  • slops removal

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