Sludge Collection

puddle of sludge - sludge collection

Our vessel 7 Seas is at your service to collect, transport and dispose sludges on board. Our ship can collect up to 650 m3 per call and this service can be provided up to 20 miles Off Port Limit (OPL) Curacao. For the sludge collection, we usually adhere to several specific rendez-vous positions but can arrange otherwise if so desired. The collected sludges will be discharged at jetty 10 of the Isla Refinery located in Curacao for further processing.

Safe sludge collection in the Caribbean

The Isla Refinery is in charge of the environmentally safe processing of the ship sludge. Their objective is to recycle the oil into as much usable products as possible. Moreover, they ensure their processing yields the maximum value for the customer. Likewise, our crew’s objective is to collect, transport and dispose of the ship sludge in a secure environment. This means we keep up with all regulations as stipulated in MARPOL’s Annex I applying to the Wider Caribbean area. Concerning the OPL rendez-vous positions, we maintain a position 3 nautical miles south from the port of Willemstad for collections in Curacao. When it comes to Aruba, the collection position is 2 nautical miles south of the port of Barcadera. More specifically, we collect in the Netherlands Antilles, Lesser Antilles and Leeward Antilles. Other examples are: the Bonaire Basin, the Carribean Sea, the Gulf of Venezuela and the Coast of Venezuela.

Important details to remember

It is best to store the sludge in tanks kept well away from all inhabitable parts of the ship. Storage in tanks also makes the transport onto our vessel easier. In addition, collection outside working hours is no problem and neither are weekend days and holidays. Our trained personnel is available 24/7 every day of the week. Moreover, during the entire process of collection, we keep up a continuous coordination with both you and the port reception facility. There will be a timely coordination with Isla Refinery – we also strive to do this with urgent collections. You will not be troubled by any deviations in schedule if it’s up to us. Next to that, you will be provided with a safe disposal certificate which indicates the amount of sludge recovered.

Get your quote and get rid of your sludge

7 Seas is fully equipped to carry out other collections as well and transportations of provisions, equipment and other materials. For instance, we carry out a ship waste collection, sludge removals and slops removals. Whether you’re in need of an unexpected and pressing marine service or you’re looking for a trustworthy partner for a long lasting partnership, Taryna will gladly extend her services to you. Do you want a quote first? We will provide you with a fair-priced quotation. Get your quote now!

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