Waste Oil Collection

waste oil collection ship

Our vessel 7 Seas is at your service to take care of your waste oil collection. We collect, transport and dispose waste oil. We can collect up to 650 m3 per call. This service can be provided up to 20 miles Off Port Limit (OPL) of Curacao. The collected waste oil will be discharged at jetty 10 of the Isla Refinery located in Curacao for further processing.

Responsible and effective waste oil disposal

Whatever sort of waste oil you need to dispose of, our crew manages all necessary processes. This includes inspection, compliance with legal requirements and collecting and processing the oils. By doing so, we help you keep your company’s environmental impact as low as possible. Rest assured that the transportation is entirely safe. We minimize all imaginable risks to the bare minimum. What’s more, the Refineria Isla Curaçao B.V. processes waste oil in an environmentally responsible manner. Next to this responsible disposal method, your waste oil is collected in a very efficient manner. OPL collection, transportation and delivery of marine cargos is time-effective and thus reduces costs considerably. Anywhere in the Caribbean, from the Coast of Venezuela to the Netherlands Antilles or from the Bonaire Basin to the Gulf of Venezuela, we can pick up your waste oil. Furthermore, also locations such as the Lesser Antilles, the Leeward Antilles and the Carribean Sea are part of our working area.

How we carry out waste oil collection

We collect a variety of oils. Examples of these are heavy fuel oils, turbine oils and gearbox oils. Also, our ship is available to collect waste oil from cargo vessels, ships and ferries to even the smallest of fishing boats. We arrange a rendezvous position for the pick-up of your waste oils after which we carry it to the refinery in Curacao. We work with a pre-arranged schedule to ensure your oil tank will not overflow. Additionally, more immediate collection is also possible. Our vessel is flexible and available 24/7. Furthermore, all administration is pre-arranged. We are in possession of the right permits for waste oil collection and meet all compliance requirements. Moreover, waste management during the waste collection is part of the service. Updates about the schedule are communicated to you at all times. This includes a confirmation of the final delivery of the waste oil at the refinery in Curacao.

Dispose of your waste oil now

7 Seas’ crew is experienced with several services. For example, we perform a sludge removal, a
slops removal and a ship waste collection. In addition, we transport several sorts of cargo such as spare ship parts, garbage, fresh water, slop oil and marine lubricants. In addition, we also carry out crew changes. Are you in need of another type of OPL service? Feel free to contact us. Our flexibility lends itself to unique and specific requests as well.

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