Crew Change

ship crew change

When you employ offshore workers for long consecutive periods of time, you will need to work with several crews. These need to be replaced by means of a ship crew change. A crew change is done by launch from shore to the agreed Off Port Limit (OPL) rendezvous position. The 7 Seas work vessel can take up to 20 passengers and their luggage simultaneously. Our vessel operates near the islands of Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire. The pick-up of onsigners and the drop-off of offsigners generally takes place in Curacao. However, we could naturally arrange a different location to carry out the crew replacement. Please contact us for specific information.

Important things to pay attention to

A ship crew change brings about quite some requirements. For example, All crew members need to be in possession of the correct and legal documents (such as visas) before the crew replacement takes place. Furthermore, the captain must authorize the crew change beforehand. When everything is done properly, the transfer time from our vessel to yours and vice versa, is considerably short. In the right circumstances, we can carry out a crew change in just a few hours. We follow all international safety procedures. Availability extends to the following areas: the Netherlands Antilles, Lesser Antilles and the Leeward Antilles, the Bonaire basin, the Coast of Venezuela, the Gulf of Venezuela and the Carribean Sea.

Why choose Taryna?

Our method of Off Port Limit ship crew replacement saves both time and money. Rather than having the ship dock every time to perform a marine crew change, everything can be done at sea. Additionally, due to 24/7 availability, our vessel and crew are extremely flexible. This is reflected in the schedule. We work around your schedule, adjusting to your planning. Moreover, we keep you updated whenever we are transporting your crew members. Thanks to our flexibility, we can perform both scheduled crew changes and more urgently needed ones. Most importantly: your crew will experience a safe and efficient way to get to work. Your personnel is in safe hands when aboard the 7 Seas.

Arrange your crew change, or other services, now

We are also available for several other services that we carry out via Off Port Limit. These include, for example, fresh water, spare ship parts and marine lubricants delivery. In addition, we also perform ship waste collection, slops removals, sludge removals and slop oil collection. In all of these last services, we include a thorough waste management plan. Do you have a different, special request? Do not hesitate to contact us so we can see what we can do for you.

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