Waste Collection

container ship in need of a waste collection

Taryna Corporation N.V. is happy to carry out your waste collection. We operate in a wide variety of marine regions in and around Curacao, Bonaire and Aruba. Similarly, we provide a multitude of services that we execute with our working vessel 7 Seas. On it, we can carry up to 650 m3 of garbage per call. Would you require any other than the services described below, do not hesitate to contact us.

Quickness without compromise

The biggest advantage of our waste collection is that we can carry it out via Off Port Limit (OPL) service. The distance ranges up to 20 miles away from Curacao. This means we can meet you anywhere at sea and neither of our ships need to dock. Additionally, the transition times for both pick-up and drop-off of the garbage are therefore much shorter. We are pleased to offer our services in a wide area. The following locations are possible for OPL pickup: the coast of Venezuela, the Gulf of Venezuela, the Bonaire Basin and the Caribbean Sea. Moreover, we are also available in the Antilles, namely in the Netherlands Antilles, the Leeward Antilles and the Lesser Antilles. Wherever we are needed, you can count on it that we operate in a safe and efficient manner.

We stick to your plan

In order for us to execute a waste collection, we require the garbage to be segregated properly before pick-up. Ideally, waste is gathered in tanks and stored somewhere separate from the living quarters. We carry out our collection in line with your waste management plan. Nevertheless, we can also operate by means of our own. It goes without saying, we will coordinate the entire operation so you will not have to worry about any details. After pick-up, we transport the garbage to the reception facilities of the Isla Refinery at the port of Schottegat, at Jetty 10. This is an environmentally’ approved processing plant. Thus, we not only take into account your wishes, but also the wellbeing of the world. All of this is done while our crew adheres to a strict schedule. Should you so desire, our captain will update you regularly about the progress of said schedule.

Get your quotation now

Lastly, you can submit a last-minute call and we will do our utmost best to handle it. Likewise, you can book any of our services well in advance. We deliver a top notch service in all areas, from the waste collection to the disposal of it. Next to that, our quotations are always fair-priced. Get yours now.

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