Slops removal

vessels in open sea carrying out slops removals

We can carry out your slops removal with our work vessel 7 Seas in and around Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, providing an Off Port Limit (OPL) pickup. We dispose of your slops in an environmentally safe way and keep you up-to-date about the schedule. In addition, we also provide other services.

Your slops removal done safely and timely

After collection, we ship the cargo to jetty 10 of the Isla Refinery in Curacao where it will be processed further. The Isla Refinery takes care to treat all materials in an environmentally responsible manner and recycles as much of the materials as possible. This ensures both minimized port pollution and less environmental risks. An added bonus is that our pickup eliminates any hassle of disposal for you. We can ship out to a multitude of locations and relieve your ship of slops and other waste materials.

Locations where we can help you

For slops removals and other related purposes, we are available in a wide area around the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. We can provide this service in and around the following waters:

  • The Coast of Venezuela
  • The Caribbean Sea
  • The Lesser Antilles
  • The Leeward Antilles
  • The Gulf of Venezuela
  • The Netherlands Antilles
  • The Bonaire Basin

Service with a schedule

Our services are available 24 hours per day and seven days per week, year round. We have a reliable crew who all have years of professional experience. Your slops or other waste could not be taken care of in a better way. We guarantee a safe and timely OPL pickup and dropoff during which we can update you, if so desired, of our schedule and progress. What’s more, you can book your slops removals far in advance but we can occasionally also deal with time-pressured and sometimes even last-minute requests. For the last, please contact us directly via t. +5999 – 738 – 2456.

That’s not all we can do for you

As mentioned, next to slop removal we provide other services. We also collect sludge, waste oil and garbage. Additionally, we can deliver marine lubricants, ship spare parts and fresh water. Lastly, our vessel is available for crew changes. Are you looking for another OPL service not mentioned? Please contact us directly to see if we can arrange something. Occasionally, we carry out special requests as well. Do you need a slop removal at short notice? Get your free quote today and we might be on our way tomorrow.

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