Ship Waste Collection

ship waste collection being carried out on water

Among a multitude of services, Taryna Corporation N.V. also offers ship waste collection. We use our vessel 7 Seas to collect the marine garbage anywhere in and around the Caribbean Islands via an Off Port Limit (OPL) service. This allows us to be as flexible as you need us to be with regards to both location and schedule. The ship waste we collect is a great variety of types of marine litter and while collecting we can adhere to your waste management plan.

Collection performed where you need it

Our headquarters are situated in Curacao but our ship has a wide working area. We mainly focus on the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao yet simultaneously operate in a wide arc around these areas. Examples of the areas in which you can call on us for our services are:

  • The Lesser Antilles
  • The Netherlands Antilles
  • The Gulf of Venezuela
  • The coast of Venezuela
  • The Bonaire Basin
  • The Caribbean Sea

After accepting your request for a ship waste collection, we head your way with the 7 Seas and collect whatever marine garbage you have onboard. There is no need for you to dock as we can arrange a meeting point at sea due to our OPL service. What’s more, seeing as our vessel contains a clear deck space of 295 m2, we can carry up to 650 m3 garbage per call.

Drop-off will be at the Isla Refinery in Curacao, the waste disposal facilities we regularly work with. The marine waste will be processed in a proper manner at these waste reception facilities. We have been granted the right waste discharges permits by the local port authority.

All your waste – safely taken care of

The types of marine garbage we collect consist of roughly every sort of waste produced on board a ship. This includes but is not limited to domestic waste, food, plastics and cooking oil. Other examples are machine-generated waste such as slops and sludge.

Before collection, we ask you to please segregate the waste properly. In addition, we collect port waste as well. In conclusion, we take care of ship waste collections for both passenger ships as well as vessels that carry cargo.

Should you desire so, we will adhere to your waste plan management – if not, we have our own process in place. We carry out all of our activities with the utmost care, efficiency and safety measures. Simultaneously, we are careful to comply with environmental regulations. That way, you can rest assured that your request will be handled in a responsible manner.

Get a quote for your ship waste collection

Whether you need your ship waste collection performed on short notice or would like to book it far in advance, both are possible with Taryna Corporation N.V. Our flexibility is extensive – we work all day every day, the whole year through.

Should you require another type of OPL service, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We also collect sludge and slops, deliver fresh water, marine lubricants and ship spare parts and perform crew changes. Get your free quote today and we might be working together tomorrow.

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